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Child labor: Now a daysPakistan’s biggest problem is chaild labor.

Pakistan’s biggest downside is child labor. whereas “child labor” refers to the use of children in any reasonably work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular college, which is mentally, physically, socially or virtuously dangerous and harmful. Child labor involves youngsters being in bondage, separated from their families, exposed to serious hazards and diseases and/or left to reason themselves on the streets of hugecities – typically at a awfully early age.

It was calculable that one quarter of the country’s men was created up of child laborers. In Pakistan’s town Hyderabad, children enter the men at the age of eight or ten years and that they build bangles and bracelets in numerousfactories.

The main reason behind kid labor is economic condition. this can be primarily as a result of restricted resources area unit obtainable for the person to urge employment or perhaps if they notice one their salaries area unit a lot oflower compared to inflation in Pakistan. economic condition levels in Pakistan seem to necessitate that children work so as to permit families to succeed in their target take‐home financial gain, that they have to shop for their butter and bread. On the aspect of the corporations, the low price of child labor gives makers a big advantage within themarketplace, wherever they work on inconceivable amounts



How will the govt overcome this at community and menage level? a method may be: the child can work with his/her family in family primarily based trades/occupations, for the aim of learning a replacement craft or vocation. By providing different opportunities for education and education to children, providing viable different economic opportunities to poor families was associate important aspect of the program to make a substitute to the financial gain brought in by children’s work and thereby change the children to attend faculty. Raising awareness among employers of children and therefore their oldsters by the importance of education and therefore the hazards children face within the workplaces and the consequences of those, is additionally very necessary.

The government took initiative to scale back child labor in the country and to support poor families in terms of monetaryhelp employment, associated by passing an order for such children’s families to inscribe their children in faculties.




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