About Us


ViralKar is a viral news based website that provides infotainment that is valuable information coupled with element of entertaining the masses.

We are creative and imaginative team, dedicated to bringing you fresh content every day that is guaranteed to make you laugh, inform, shock and inspire.

Viralkar culture revolves around urgency and customer responsiveness. We believe the content that is worth spreading, should be done now, at this very moment. This makes us speedy in brining you updated content each day.

Responding to the comments, queries and suggestions is also important to us. As it enables us to rectify and improve work and deliver even better.

We have diverse categories of news items ranging from sports, movies, and current affairs. The group focuses on news related to local and foreign film stars, sports personalities, entertainment industry, funny videos and 18plus material for adults.

You can find all the viral videos, images, and news that are doing rounds on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc, All in one place so that you don’t have to search for them yourselves.