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water crisis in Pakistan

Dam fund in Pakistan

Dam fund in Pakistan Water crisis in Pakistan According to UNDP Pakistan is alarming situation via  crisis in Pakistan. This campaign started when (UNDP) and (PCRWR)  warn South Asian country will reach absolute water scarcity by 2025. Pakistan on 4th  highest number of water use country all around the world,...


Eid Traditional khane ki recipes

  Eid Traditional khane ki recipes Eid Traditional khane ki recipes in Special Bakra Eid gives you vast type of tasty cooking respi. Which makes your Eid day full special. On that day your family members are waiting for your tasty sweet dishes.We will provide you Eid Traditional khane ki recipes....


World Different Traditional About Sex

  SEX Traditions in the world.   Sex is world old activities and all over would play with different methods. There is a researching BBC according to them, different country in the world do like,   Hawaii, people give name to there organs, They celebrate with anthem and praised with...

Imran Khan and Javed Maindad

Imran Khan As PM and Javeed Miandad, what Mainda asking from Chief Justice

Imran Khan As PM and Javeed Miandad, what Mainda asking from Chief Justice. PTI  imran khan is likely gonna be consecutive Prime Minister of West Pakistan. That much, everybody is aware of. However, a side-effect of ballot for PTI was ballot for Aamir Liaquat Hussain. As a result, the man has created his to the National Assembly. Yes, women and gentlemen. Aamir Liaquat is AN MNA.     A picture goes around...

Overdosed Ice Caused Several Death's

Overdosed Ice Caused Several Death’s

Overdosed Ice Caused Several Death's Overdosed Ice Caused Several Death's According to newspaper Ayesha from Charsada and Umar sajjad from Shaheen town.where came to Asif house located at yakatut ,where they overdosed ice which resulted in death of 2 and unconsciousness of 1. Two died one unconscious after getting ice...


Pakistani Girl’s Message for Reham Khan is Legit Savage!

Humaima Khan Cheema A Message for Pakistani Girl’s Message for Reham Khan has recently caught the public’s attention once she proclaimed her book unleash regarding our Prime Minister. She could be a journalist ANd an ex-wife of man Khan. Reham has been terribly salty regarding Khan since their split and recently we tend to observed another things in her book that we tend to fail to believe.However Hamza Ali Abbasi, a supporter of...


Pakistani Ad ,Tapa balley pa

Pakistani Ad ,Tapa balley pa Elections are possibly the maximum popular time of year (examine: five years) in Pakistan. Political events and candidates for the elections spend a whole lot of their time campaigning, looking to collect as a lot guide as they can and say Pakistani Ad ,Tapa balley...


Pakistan, Afghanistan pledge to make fresh start in relations

ISLAMABAD: With their new bilateral engagement framework — Afghanistan-Pakistan.  Action arrange for Peace and commonality (APAPPS) — in situ, senior officers of Asian country and Afghanistan pledged to form a opportunityin their relations that have principally remained tense. Afghan Deputy minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai and Pakistan’s National Security consultant retired Lt information Nasser Khan Janjua throughout their meeting united to accentuate efforts for fulfillment of APAPPS. And “take a opportunity, bridge existing gaps, build formal mechanism of cooperation altogether areas of...


Accused in 13-year-old girl sexual assault case remanded by magistrate

A judicial justice on weekday remanded a person alleged of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old. Lady in Soma Gondola village of Azad Jammu and geographic region (AJK). He was taken into custody by the police custody when being suspect of the crime. Wherever she narrated concerning the tragic incident that occurred to her before sub-inspector Wajahat Kazmi. The police recorded victim’s statement before receiving a criticism application. That was later regenerate into a...

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