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Darren Campbell: British former sprinter ‘relieved to be alive’ after brain bleed.


British former Olympic champion Darren Campbell says he is “relieved to be alive” as he recovers in hospital after suffering a bleed in the brain.

He 44-year-old had to be revived once he was rush to hospital last Tuesday when having a seizure reception. Campbell, UN agency won 4x100m relay gold at the 2004 Olympic Games. Told BBC Sport he had a pituitary cerebrovascular accident – a bleed into the secreter at the bottom of the brain.

“I don’t need to be Olympic Darren Joseph Campbell at the instant,” he said.

The BBC Radio five live presenter and learned person had ne’er antecedently had a seizure however had many throughout his 1st few days in hospital.

His better half and 3 youngsters square measure currently with him.

“It’s only I see the worry in my kids’ eyes that you simply realise,” aforementioned the cheat Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

“When they 1st told ME i used to be on a ventilator, I did not believe them. I’ve got others filling in blanks. If you cannot breathe by yourself, you’re not in a very sensibleplace.

Campbell ab initio required 3 injections daily to stabilise the perform of his endocrine gland, that releases hormones that facilitate management bodily functions together with growth, pressure level, energy management and metabolism.

Darren Campbell.

But he currently hopes to go away hospital on Tuesday.

“All of a unforeseen i could not management my body. My oldest son has been a rock and unbroken everything along. As long because the doctors were fighting, I’d fight,

Campbell says lying in his single bed has created him “appreciate life” a lot of, and has urged folks to form regular visits to their doctor.

He said: “I’ve been wondering my youngsters, and every one i used to be thinking is I even have to stay fighting as i would like to check my 10-year-old girl conjoinsooner or later. I grabbed onto that and also the medical folks are completely unbelievable.

She had come back downstairs a few of days earlier saying. ‘Dad, i do know what budget i would like for my gown.’ She said: ‘I need £5,000 for my dress.’ You grab onto very little things like that.”

Campbell says he feels “extremely lucky” and currently desires to pay time along with his family.

“I’m not operating this summer,” he said. “I continually work however i’m taking day off. Every minute and moment i am attempting to require things in and providesthanks.

“I’m calm. What am i able to panic about? i am alive. the very fact I will discuss with you and be calm, I even have to be grateful .”



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