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Sealing/Freezing of accounts of Private schools in Khyber Pakhttunkhwa



The office-bearers of National Education Council Asian country on Tuesday rejected the notification of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa personal faculties Regularity Authority (KP PSRA) concerning fees and different problems so HC order to Sealing/Freezing of accounts of Private schools in Khyber Pakhttunkhwa

Chairman Nazeer Hussain:

Speaking at a group discussion chairman of the council Nazeer Hussain . President, personal faculties Association Ahmad Ali et al same the authority failed to consult the house owners of the personal academic establishmentsbefore supply the contemporary orders.

They same the personal academic establishments were enjoying a vital role in promotion of quality education. And also the call of remotion the house owners from raising the tutoring fees.  fifty % discount ANd fixing the vacations fee at half the first rate was an unjust act.

Sealing/Freezing of accounts of Private schools in Khyber Pakhttunkhwa.

HC Banned most of popular schools in KP
HC Banned most of popular schools in KP

They alleged the govt.  And also the authority were attempting to get rid of the freelance standing of personal academic establishments. And take it within the government supervisions. They same the choice would lead to weakening of personal academic establishments. They house owners wouldn’t be able to pay salaries.  Buildings rent and manage different expenditures.

The house owners alleged that the govt. has passed a law binding the personal academic establishments to show the course that was introduced by non-governmental organisations.

They projected to the govt. to pay salaries to lecturers of personal faculties and portion fifty % shares within the education budget to personal sector in order that they might manage their expenditures. They vowed to continue their protest till the govt. withdraws the notification.

Parents Flay Schools.

Meanwhile, parents of students studying in private schools. And had also staged a protest against owners of the school for not honoring court orders. The protesting parents hailed PHC and KP-PSRA for taking action. Against private school owners who they said were “plundering people” by charging excessive fees .Other expenditure in shape of fines under the pretext of education. Parents requested the court to not only ensure the implementation of these regulations. But also initiate contempt of court proceedings against private school owners for not implementing the orders.


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