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Accused in 13-year-old girl sexual assault case remanded by magistrate

A judicial justice on weekday remanded a person alleged of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old. Lady in Soma Gondola village of Azad Jammu and geographic region (AJK). He was taken into custody by the police custody when being suspect of the crime.

Wherever she narrated concerning the tragic incident that occurred to her before sub-inspector Wajahat Kazmi.

The police recorded victim’s statement before receiving a criticism application. That was later regenerate into a primaryinfo Report (FIR) in Kahori station house.

The victim aforesaid that on weekday morning.  Her oldsters left the house to and she or he was alone in her house once the suspect entered, fast the door, and proceeded to assault her.

According to the victim. He then tried to escape the scene and she or he hurried when him. Her oldsters conjointly arrived back at an equivalent time and detected the suspect deed.

Middle stories

The police aforesaid he sent the victim to Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahayan Hospital Muzaffarabad.  For medical and himself left for Soma Gondola village to apprehend the suspect.

Though the high-altitude Soma Gondola village is hardly 15km west of Nasirabad. It took him around one-and-a-half hour to succeed in there, because of absence of a road link on the far side ten kilometres.


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