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The last selfie: How technology has become a menace for millennials.

The last selfie: How technology has become a menace for millennials.


At the guts of the tragic incident that occurred on Sunday – within which seven medical students lost their lives as a dangling bridge folded in Neelum natural depression – lies a awfully pressing issue: people’s (especially youngsters) over-increasing dependence on technology.

The incident occurred once a complete of twenty-six students gathered on the Jagran bridge engineered on a deep gorge for clicking a selfie, once that the bridge foldedbecause of overweight. Despite the wake-up call that clearly indicated that the bridge is in a position to resist the pressure of 5 individuals solely, the traveller students (mostly happiness to Faisalabad) unheeded it, jeopardising their safety, swing their life at stake.



And for what? A mere selfie.

It’s heart-wrenching to ascertain however precious lives were lost because of the obsession, the craze that we tend to all have for clicking photos students . And it’s quite forbidding to ascertain the lengths folks move to so as to capture that ‘perfect selfie’, typically swing their lives in extreme danger, once it’s not even worthwhile.

While there’s no denying the actual fact that technology has engulfed U.S.A. utterly, cramming most a part of our lives, we tend to fully cannot imagine living our lives while not it. However, it’s become shuddery to ascertain however folks get killed thanks to reckoning on or exploitation it overly.

Have you ever been to a concert that you just were going to be a region of since long, however don’t bear in mind even one moment of it, as a result of you were too occupied with clicking photos, creating videos and posting them on Snapchat and Instagram? i’m positive you’ve got, and you simply have your soaring dependence on technology responsible for it.

Selfie deaths don’t seem to be a brand new development, they happen all round the world. however what’s extremely distressing is that the indisputable fact that the obsession with technology has crystal rectifier to a lot of tragedies than the other issue.

According to a look conducted in 2015, it absolutely was found that a lot of folks died by taking selfies than by plagued by shark attacks. Moreover, most of the selfie-related deaths reportable were because of falling.

Coming over to the foremost distressful a part of the study: most of the folks concerned in such incidents were aged between eighteen and twenty two, and also theaccidents ranged from a person being electrocuted whereas ascent on a train to a pilot flaming a lightweight craft, killing himself and a rider, and multiple instances of individuals dying whereas motion with loaded guns.

And similar happened with these medical students WHO for the sake of an image lost their lives.

So to say, folks ought to realise the Brobdingnagian price their lives hold and be terribly cautious whereas exploitation technology. could|you’ll|you will} not grasp what damage a small negligence may do to you, to not forget the everyday consequences the addiction of technology has on your health.



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